Friday, 20 July 2007

Eamonn McCann,Socialism, Nationalism

Eamonn McCann, Socialism, Nationalism
by Paddy Hackett

Eamonn McCann in a piece published in the June issue of Socialist Worker
delivered the following interesting declaration:
"Sinn Fein has always been a nationalist, never a socialist party. At times
it may have pursued socialist policies."

His position is that any nationalist party may puruse socialist policies.
Logically if a nationalist party pursues socialist policies then the
totality of its pursued policies and even its programme can be socialist.
There can be, by Eamonn's logic, no difference between a nationalist party
and a socialist party. Indeed a socialist party, by virtue of this logic,
can equally pursue nationalist policies. It has been known for socialist
parties to pursue nationalist policies. In fact socialist parties are in
general nationalist parties. They seek solutions to the problems of the
working class within a national framework. They put the interests of
capital before the interests of the working class. Nationalism has been one
of the chief characteristics of Stalinism --socialism in one country.

Communists, however, know that the fundamental problems of the working class
can only be solved on a global basis through world social revolution.

Paddy Hackett

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